Welcome to Szytel Engineering and Surveying

Land development in Southern California, and specifically in San Diego County, is complex. Count on us to thoroughly explore the opportunities available to your project by putting our years of professional knowledge and experience to work for you. At Szytel Engineering and Surveying, we take pride in offering timely and realistic solutions for every commissioned project, large or small.

Attention to detail is our benchmark. We serve our clients by informing them, early on, of all the possible considerations and unusual circumstances. We communicate with our clients each step of the way, thereby maintaining a steady course toward the project's ultimate goals. We appreciate, and welcome, a client's active participation in all stages of the decision-making process.

We also believe that accuracy in design and thorough research best serves our clients' long-term objectives, building each project on a firm and realistic foundation. This minimizes the possibility of future conflicts with neighboring properties, successors in interest, easement holders, and the project itself. Each project receives the direct attention of an experienced, dedicated, and licensed professional.

We hope that this website is useful in your evaluation of our firm and its capabilities. We look forward to being of assistance!